Transport Non-Running Vehicles

Planning an auto transport for an inoperable/non-running car? We know the logistics, details and have the equipment to efficiently transport any inoperable vehicle no matter how big or how small.
Our carriers are equipped with winches and lift gates to transport any inoperable car, truck, SUV, motorcycle and even specialized autos just to name a few.

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Inop Must Roll, Steer and Break

Although we can transport inoperable vehicle your vehicle must still be able to roll (inflated tires), steer, and break efficiently. Be sure to advise our friendly transport specialist about the condition of your auto.

If you are not sure of the vehicle’s condition because you are not at the pickup location, we suggest to ask the releasing person to go out and test drive the car on your behalf.

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Inoperable Car Shipping Solutions

Generally autos being shipped are driven onto and off of auto carriers on their own power, regardless of what type of auto carrier it is. With an inoperable vehicle transport, vehicles need to be loaded via winch or lift gate.

If your inoperable car will be transported on an open carrier, our carrier will be equipped with a winch. A winch is a hauling or lifting device consisting of a rope, cable, or chain winding around a horizontal rotating drum, turned by a crank or by motor or other power source. The winch will attach to the undercarriage of the car and pull your car up on the carrier.   

If you are planning to have your vehicle shipped in an enclosed carrier, the car carrier will generally have a lift gate on the truck. The lift gate mechanism keeps the vehicle controlled and stable while it is being loaded onto the carrier. We can effectively ship vehicles with little to no clearance, clearance as low as 2-3 inches, without the risk of damaging the undercarriage of the vehicle.

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Winch Inop Auto

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Non-Running Auto

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Inop Car Transport